My name is Simon Gordeev, I am a freelance sound engineer living in Berlin, Germany. My focus is recording and post-production mixing of music for broadcast purposes. I also work as studio mixing engineer and producer. With over 15 years of experience in music production, recording and mixing, I am ready to translate your visions into sound.

Sound Engineer

Capturing live performances has become my speciality over the last years. I’ve recorded and mixed a lot of styles and line-ups, from classic trio to rock band, mostly for broadcasting purposes. I’ve worked alone on small sets and as recording team leader on larger projects. Being part of music scene in Berlin, I left my audible fingerprint on live recordings by numerous german and international artists.

Music Production

Though my biggest clients are media companies recording live music, I also work directly with artists and bands offering recording, mixing and producer services. If you are looking for devoted ears to record your songs, remix your existing multitracks, or to get an independent opinion on your production get in touch with me.


I played in a couple of bands over the years. Today I prefer the position at the mixing desk to the one on stage. Though sometimes I still grab my guitar and sing in my native language.

In summer you’ll find me on my bike cycling around the Baltics together with my brother