Assisting Mike Senior on Zwiepack session

Last September I had the honour to assist Mike Senior during a session in Aalen. We spent two days recording standards played by Zwiepack duo – Christian Bolts (saxophone) and Markus Braun (bass). It has been a very inspiring experience and one of last years highlights for me.

Zwiepack Summertime

Through a book, the reader always grasps a sense of writers personality. In his writing, Mike is allways accurate and clear about the technical side. But he also treats his readers with great respect; at least I had the feeling, he welcomes me to receive his knowledge. I thought, he could become my mentor

, and dropped him a mail. We met in Munich and one year later again in Aalen to record Zwiepack.

Mike has spent his childhood in a christian choir boarding school in England. He is a tall thin man with an unbreakable positive attitude of a reverend from a western movie. His positive spirit has driven everybody during the session, me and also the musicians. Confident, but never arrogant, leading while leaving space for everybody – he has been the perfect boss I would like to work for. Though we worked 10 intensive hours a day, we were suffused with great music played by great musicians in a great room filled with sunlight. And I think, you can hear it.

You won’t find Zwiepack on Spotify. For cats sake, buy their CD!

Mike has written an article about the session, it has been published this month.

He also recorded double bass microphone position library during the session, check it out!

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