tape.tv Auf den Dächern

Since 2011 I am regulary recording live performances on the roofs of Berlin for tape.tv Auf den Dächern series. Auf den Dächern shows artists playing in a poscard-like frame using only one static camera. Thus, the format avoids conventional miking techniques, I am working mostly with lavalier microphones.

During 2011-2013 seasons I recorded and mixed over 120 german and international artists for Auf den Dächern, among them quite prominent names like Incubus, Nada Surf, Smith & Burrows, Biffy Clyro, Portugal The Man, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran, Amanda Palmer etc.

Released digitally via iTunes, some of the “Auf den Dächern” sessions even managed to enter German iTunes Download Charts.

Me and My Drummer – Heavy Weight
It was really tricky to mix this one because of the spill: the snare you hear comes mostly through the vocal lavalier mike. Also notice how the vocals are mixed: completely dry and intimidatingly close in the breakes, they get a little more room in the verses becoming distant and cool.

Me and My Drummer – Heavy Weight
Die Mischung war relativ schwer wegen der Übersprechung: die Snare kommt z.B. zum großen Teil durch das Gesangslavalier an der rechten Schulter von Charlotte.

Smith and Borrows – Wonderful Life
Editor’s singer and Razorlight’s drummer sing the pop classic of my childhood.

The Black Seeds – Love me now

The Black Seeds had been announced as a duo with a guitar, but showed up as a full band. Well, I had only 8 channels and I think, I did the best I could.

Mark Forster – Auf dem Weg

Mark Forster on his way, shortly before his break through.

Dinosaur Pile Up – Nature Nurture

Most powerful drummer I ever recorded. While recording, I felt the energy physicall hitting my body.

Amanda Palmer – Lost
Amanda is not about perfection, but about authenticity.

Wallis Bird – I Am So Tired Of That Line

You can hear Wallis’ dreads hitting against the guitar sometimes – I have hidden the vocal lavallier mike in her scarf.