Assisting Mike Senior on Zwiepack session

Last September I had the honour to assist Mike Senior during a session in Aalen. We spent two days recording standards played by Zwiepack duo – Christian Bolts (saxophone) and Markus Braun (bass). It has been a very inspiring experience and one of last years highlights for me.

Zwiepack Summertime

Through a book, the reader always grasps a sense of writers personality. In his writing, Mike is allways accurate and clear about the technical side. But he also treats his readers with great respect; at least I had the feeling, he welcomes me to receive his knowledge. I thought, he could become my mentor Continue reading

Jessie J at VW Garage Sound

I’ve done this live recording of Jessie J at VW Garage Sound in October 2015 and mastered the recording afterwards.

I have to admit, I wasimpressed with Jessie Js’ presence and show. Normally I don’t start moving around with the music while recording, but this time I simply had to ;) Also it was pleasure to work together with Chris Madden, who also does FOH mixing for Pink and Sade.

Jessie J – Masterpiece (Live @ Volkswagen Garage Sound)

Jessie J – Who you are (Live @ Volkswagen Garage Sound)

Sebastian Block – Der Mond ist schuld

This summer I produced vocals for several songs of the new album by the berliner songwriter Sebastian BlockDer Mond ist schuld (The title means in English “The moon is to blame”;)

As usual with Sebastian, the record has a lot of great songs and a couple of huge hits. Especially the ballads Feder und Wenn du niemand mehr bist reveal Sebastians unique ability to express emotional depth with very simple means.