My Auf den Dächern highlights of this fall

Here’s a selection of live performances I’ve recorded and mixed during the last months for Auf den Dächern.


is an electro pop band from Hamburg founded by Eva and Phlipp Milner. Please notice the CP70-like piano played by Philipp. This is actually a hollow body framed like a CP-70 containing a MIDI keyboard, a tiny drum pad, a laptop and a soundcard. I was impressed with the piano samples Philipp uses (sorry, don’t remember the name of the set, but he said, it took him a lot of time to find this sound). They sound like an upright piano from the 19th century with worn out mechanics and old dry wood, a piece of history. I haven’t heard the band live before recording them on the rooftop and was touched by the controversy between the warm piano, Eva’s very human (I mean NOT PERFECT) voice and their “digging-deep” songs. Filmed in front of Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin on the rooftop of the “Bonjour Tristesse” building, the frame of the video is also a portrait of my first neighborhood in Berlin.

Hundreds will be on tour this winter, you can buy tickets online by visiting their gourgeously looking homepage

Lasse Matthiessen

I’ve recorded and mixed this great danish guy already a couple times for TV Noir. We both were quite happy to meet each other in Hamburg, where this session was filmed. Lasses voice needs reverbs to develop it’s depth. But while seeing an artist performing outdoors, hearing reverb might appear strange to the eye. Basically because the eye doesn’t see the acoustic space the ear hears. So the amount of reverb is allways a question of compromise. Also, the sound of the drums depends much on the room they are recorded in. Outdoors drums just sound thin, so I use short spaces to make them more powerful in the mix. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a great sounding solution for this yet. If you’ve got experiences with mixing drums recorded outdoors, I’m curious to know, how you treat them.

Go watch Lasse live in Winter 2015!


had a couple of massive hits in Germany during the 90ies, combining grunge and psychodelic rock influences with German lyrics. The band has a devoted fan base and is still touring, this time with their new album “Die Besten(1994-2014)”, a collection of their hits performed unplugged. This video was filmed in Berlin on a cold and rainy October day, so props to the band who played great even under this conditions. I had a chance to test the Audient ASP 880 during this Auf den Dächern session, more on this to come soon.


Dinosaur Pile Up

is the loudest band I’ve ever recorded. I mean EVER! But, wait… I’ve written about it already here. One thing to add: being so close to such a source of energy makes people younger, at least I felt like this while recording them. Enjoy!

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